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If you are thinking about getting fitter and would love to go from sitting on the couch to 5k running then there are a few things you need to do first.

Give some thought to the following points before you start your couch to 5k training schedule: -


#1 Get Your Body Checked Out


First things first. Book an appointment with your doctor or physiotherapist to check if you’re in good health or you have any joint or muscular problems before you begin your training. 


#2 Invest A Little Money


The minimum any new runner needs to go from the couch to 5k running is at least one pair of good quality running shoes, ideally chosen for you by experienced staff at a reputable running shop that have the facilities to check your running gait.  


You’ll also need to do some reading so you understand exactly what changes you should be seeing during your training and how and when to take your training forwards or take a step back.  


Finally you may need to buy some suitable running clothing such as waterproofs, gloves, shorts, thermal underwear and running socks etc. 


#3 Build A Solid Foundation


Start off gradually, increasing your distances little by little, making sure you can allow enough recovery time between sessions. I recommend that you leave at least 24 – 48 hours in between particularly challenging runs to begin with, but longer if you need it.  


If you are literally going from the couch to 5k training and can’t run to begin with then you need to start by power walking until you are able to jog gently, from there you can progress a little faster. Running 3 times a week is normally enough to start noticing improvements in your fitness levels.


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